Sunday, June 5, 2022

Flutter: Hello World in DartPad

DartPad is an online code editor so we will be able to do some coding without having to download an IDE like Visual Studio or Android Studio.

Remember that DartPad is not meant to be used in production projects, it is just a tool to try simple fragments of code.

When we open DartPad we will see a screen like this:

1- This is the code editor and we will write the code here.
2- This is the console and results of our code will be printed here.
3- Documentation and information of the code will be shown here.

DartPad allows us to run code in our browser as you can see in the next code snippet. Just press Run and you will see the classic Hello World printed in the console.

This is the end of this small DartPad tutorial. As you can see DartPad is a very useful tool when we want to test small fragments of code.


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